For the Love of Writing!

I love to write. If I could write and write for a full time career, I would. I mean, I suppose I could, but to actually make a living off of writing, for me, seems like a dream. Sigh. But, I love to write. I almost majored in journalism while I was in college. I love the written word. I love having the time to think through what I want to say. Speaking and spoken words require immediate delivery and that terrifies me. I can’t delete those words. Once they are spoken, my words, and thoughts are out there, without having been reviewed and checked for accuracy. So, the spoken word terrifies me, but the written word… oh, the written word frees me. I feel elated when I craft a story. It gives me pure delight simply typing these words right now. 

And so, I ask, do you love to write? Or do you love creating something that takes time, thought and patience? Let me hear what you LOVE! 


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